Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our counselling service is provided by trauma informed Therapists/Counsellors, trained to national standards. The service is for women and children/young people who have been subjected to domestic abuse.

Our Counsellor will listen to whatever you want to say, in confidence and without making judgements.

Our Counsellors won't give you advice but they will prompt or challenge you to examine some of the assumptions you may have taken for granted.

Regular sessions are offered and they usually last an hour or slightly less, each week or every two/three weeks. Psychotherapy tends to be more intensive than counselling, and may continue for a longer period of time, as issues are explored in more depth. We use these terms interchangeably.

The aim of counselling is to support you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and to recover from what you've been subjected to. 

BUT, counselling is not for everyone – and you have the right to decide whether it is right for you and whether this is the right time for it.